Week of June 1st: Full Moon Eclipse

Sun at 11 Gemini
Mercury at 5 Cancer (weak)
Venus RETROGRADE at 14 Gemini (neutral)
Mars at 13 Pisces (weak)
Jupiter RETROGRADE at 26 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn RETROGRADE at 1 Aquarius (rulership)
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces (rulership, strong) update your dream.
North Node at 29 Gemini

We are leading up to a Full Moon ECLIPSE in Sagittarius this week; occurring this Friday at 12:12pm Pacific. Last week, there was a sextile between the planet Mars (battles, anger, war) and Uranus (sudden events, disruption), which contributed to the upheaval we saw in America’s cities the past several days. The tragic events of last week, the murder of George Floyd, has sparked a huge catalyst for widespread, deep change in our culture. My fervent prayer is that we will see some REAL change from this event, that this will be a turning point in our society.

Pluto at 24 Capricorn squares ERIS at 24 Aries. This aspect is rare, chaotic, and will be with us for the whole year! These two planets are the furthest away from the Sun in our solar system, and represent regeneration. Pluto brings evolution through the healing of repressed, toxic energy, and Eris brings change through discord, anarchy, and revolution for the forgotten and oppressed sides of our culture. It’s a wild aspect between these two cataclysmic powerhouses. I hope things will settle down in our country, but I doubt it with this aspect in play. The best way to utilize these energies, is to make sure your side of the street is clean, and your life is organized. Have you been projecting your problems onto others? Do you owe anyone an apology?

If you want a personal reading on how the Full Moon effects you this week, you can book a reading with me here.

Monday, June 1st: Moon in Libra. Focus on bringing our lives back into balance. If there’s a corner of your life you’ve been neglecting, today is the day to give it attention. Negotiation and communication are easy today. Walk the middle road.

Tuesday, June 2nd: Moon in Scorpio. Mars square Venus. Romantic day, but men might be distracted or withdrawn. Give men space if they need it, but women will need time to air out feelings. Exercise and creativity get a boost.

Wednesday, June 3rd: Moon in Scorpio. Day of healing and rebirth. We go deep, connect with our passions and use them to heal our relationships. Avoid confrontation and social complication. Not a good day to protest… just fyi. Stay home.

Thursday, June 4th: Moon in Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini. Beautiful, harmonious aspect today. Excellent for creating art, beauty and romance. Life vision is easy to access today. Enjoy the vibes and embrace peace.

Friday, June 5th: Full Moon Eclipse at 15 Sagittarius at 12:12pm Pacific. What’s your truth? Clear the air, but avoid taking risks. Adventure and outdoor activities are enhanced, so go for a hike. Setting goals is highly recommended.
Mercury sextile Uranus on Friday at 4am Pacific: desire for freedom and independence. This aspect brings a flood of ideas and inspiration. Write it all down!

Saturday, June 6th: Moon in Capricorn. Our attention returns to our responsibilities. Tackle business today as best you can, and focus on family.
Mars conjunct Neptune begins, and continues for a couple of weeks. Mars wants to charge forward like a soldier, but Pisces and Neptune bring a foggy path. It’s easy to put our energy in the wrong direction and end up confused and lost. Covid19 cases will likely rise in June as well. Still a good idea to stay indoors when possible.

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