Dark of the Moon

This week is the dark of the Moon. We spiritually “gestate”, as we turn towards the New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse on Monday at 11:25am Pacific. This is SUCH a roiling, wild ride. Mars (aggression, battles) and the North Node (the future) are closely escorting the Sun through the last degrees of Leo towards it’s eclipse. Emotions are running high as you can tell by watching five minutes of news. We are fighting for the future we want in our personal lives AND for our country. This eclipse runs across the US, and the degree of 28 Leo symbolizes an embattled leader. Check out Austin Coppock’s post for more info on society at large.
Personally, we don’t have to buy into the tension. This is the black of the Moon, and it’s a week of rest. That’s the best way to prepare for the fireworks on Monday – just rest, detach from stressful situations and allow your mind to wander. Mercury retrograding through Virgo asks us to review our goals and re-prioritize our lives. The best use of your energy this week is to do some research, take on tasks you’ve been avoiding, tie up loose ends and get organized. Try to sit with what life is bringing you right now, and what it reflects regarding your evolution. Begin things anew after Monday. 

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