Moon & Sun


This week is the waning Moon in Cancer. We finish our emotional self-reflection and turn our energies towards the Sun in Leo occurring this Saturday morning, July 22nd at 7:15am. AND Mars enters Leo Thursday! This is big news.

Mars and the Sun have been slogging through Cancer over the past month, and neither of these planets are happy in that situation. Men in particular have been affected by these transits. Mars, in it’s detriment in Cancer brings up insecurities, introspection and weakness in any person or venture requiring assertiveness. All this changes in the next couple of days with the arrival of Leo! The Lion isn’t afraid to stand out or claim it’s rightful place.

There’s an undercurrent going on too.

Yesterday we had Mars square Uranus which is a restless, electric aspect. Mars gives us the energy and drive to work hard, and Uranus wants to be free and independent – especially at the end of Aries. The actual lightning strike of the aspect occurred yesterday, and today we can start developing a plan to a achieve our freedom. The goal? To fully express our originality and genius!

And now today we have a beautiful vibe of Venus trine Jupiter (along with Moon in Taurus). This inspires us to take that dream and activate it towards joy and meaning. If you require Luck or Love, the next few days are highlighted as a fertile planting time for ideas. Do your Art, burn a green candle and walk in rose gardens – but don’t overindulge in substances or nowhere relationships.

Every month there’s a New Moon where we rebirth ourselves to the Sun’s renewed vibration, and this Sunday is our New Moon in Leo. Tie up loose ends this week, solidify your foundation, and point yourself towards the goals of late July/August. This is important work because next month we have an eclipse over the United States. An eclipse casts a different light over things – revealing situations normally hidden. This could be a turning point for ourselves AND our society.

More to come.

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