Autumnal Equinox: Astro weather

 Happy Autumnal Equinox! Mabon is the second harvest festival of the year and signifies the Sun’s entrance into Libra. It’s an ancient celebration of equal day and equal night!  We are at a balance point – from here the days grow shorter. 

 Equinox, Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, 2015: Sun enters Libra at 1:21am, Moon in Aquarius. Our focus for the next month is on relationships, balance, art and beauty. With Venus in Leo trining Uranus in Aries there’s a strong desire for authenticity. Expect flashes of insight regarding the important people in your life. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Today is the last day of the Sun in Virgo, so wrap up any loose ends regarding health, details and organization. Mercury is currently retrograde at 14 degrees Libra, near to Lilith and squaring Pluto (and the Moon in a couple days), so this is a cathartic cleansing allowing us to evolve emotionally.

 AND Pluto is stationing (standing still) in the skies preparing to turn Direct on Friday. All the deep work we’ve been doing on ourselves the past few months is now put into practice. Pluto helps us clear any toxic blocks we have between our conscious life and our souls, allowing us to lead more meaningful lives.

 The other big news this week is the build up to Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aries. It’s going to be very intense – particularly with relationships. Mars in Virgo will be squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (both at 0 degrees!) and the Moon in Pisces, creating tension and an urge to take action. The vibe is pragmatic though… take your time and think things out carefully.

Avoid touchy people and challenging social situations! Much better to stay at home with a good book or movie. The focus is more on Saturn’s stability and discipline and building foundations that stand the test of time. That goes for people in your life too. Surround yourself with people on your wave length that are trustworthy and authentic.

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