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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re having a great day. In light of so many folks spending Thanksgiving alone this year, I thought I’d repost this lovely blurb on boundaries from the book “The Language of Letting Go”. Boundary-setting with our families is particularly hard, so here’s a pep talk. Remember, your home is your castle, and so is your emotional health. You can decide who you let in and who you keep outside in the surrounding forest:

“Having boundaries doesn’t complicate life; boundaries simplify life.

There is a positive aspect to boundary setting. We learn to listen to ourselves and identify what hurt us and what we don’t like. But we also learn to identify what feels good.

When we are willing to take some risks and begin actively doing so, we will enhance the quality of our life.

What do we like? What feels good? What brings us pleasure? Whose company do we enjoy? What helps us to feel good in the morning? What’s a real treat in our life? What are the small, daily activities that make us feel nurtured and cared for?

What appeals to our emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical self? What actually feels good to us?

We have deprived ourselves too long. There is no need to do that anymore, no need. If it feels good, and the consequences are self-loving and not self-defeating, do it!

Today, I will do for myself those little things that make life more pleasurable. I will not deny myself healthy treats.”