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Saturn-Jupiter: The Great Conjunction

We’ve entered a new era. Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius last Thursday, which means a huge shift (and fresh start) for the next couple of years. The last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius was January 7, 1405. That was 615 years ago. 1405 was one of the world’s great beginnings, births, and rebirths.This year though, is more significant due to the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter at 0° Aquarius – which is happening right now. Jupiter greatly magnifies Saturn, and Aquarius rules The Future and humanity. This year, we will hopefully be shown the way forward after the upheaval, destruction and death in 2020. We will get a new “plan”, and start to rebuild our lives in 2021. This conjunction means we’ve officially turned a corner.

There’s so much to this aspect, so let’s take it piece by piece:

1, First off, 0° of ANY sign represents it’s strongest expression, and this conjunction is at 0° Aquarius; so Aquarian ideals are at the forefront. These are liberation, democracy, invention, humanity, the public, independence, the future, genius, revolution and community groups.
Aquarius is like an eccentric pilanthropist that wants to better mankind.
…like the visions of a shaman that show how to lead the people.
It’s a sudden bolt of revelation out of nowhere.
It is definitely people protesting in the streets.

2. A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs once every 20 years, so the last time this happened was the year 2000. We are at the beginning of a new cycle!

3. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years, BUT they belong to 200 year elemental cycles. Since 1802, all of these conjunction have occurred in Earth signs, and the one tonight is occuring in an Air sign (Aquarius), starting off another 200 year cycle in Air signs! We will see huge technological advances, hopefully less wars, more collaboration, and increases in global trade, over the next 200 years. A boost will be evident in the fields of information technology, science, outer space and sociology. The energy will shift from Earth (consumerism, material values, hierarchies) 

4. The thing about this conjunction too, is that these two planets are seen as opposites. Saturn: responsibility, karma, pessimism, reality, concentration, discipline, maturity, and hard work.
Jupiter: joy, wealth, good luck, idealism, expansion, optimism, the benevolent King.
How do we make sense of these two powerful planets joining together? They will influence each other:
Jupiter will expand laws, boundaries,