Summer Solstice and New Moon Eclipse

We stand at the threshold of a New Moon in Cancer, seeded by a solar eclipse. Today, Saturday, we step through a powerful portal, bringing us to the gradual decline of light, and the second half of 2020.

The Sun and Moon, along with Mercury retrograde, are all in the sign of Cancer. This sign is about nostalgia, our childhoods, and the Mother. The energy of this weekend brings a processing through memories, feelings, past choices, and old ideas. We are ready to become vulnerable, let our feelings show, and release the past.  

Since the rare conjunction on January 12th of Saturn and Pluto, we have been living through a salad spinner of intensity; the first worldwide pandemic of our lifetimes, over 100,000 deaths, widespread unemployment, the crash of the markets… but importantly, the demand that ALL people are equal and deserve respect, no matter where they come from or the color of their skin. It’s been intense living through the Spring of 2020, but I remain hopeful that the underlying, toxic energy of the USA will be purged and healed once and for all.

When the planet Pluto becomes activated, we see a great purge of toxic energy. The USA is a year or two away from it’s exact Pluto return. The last time this occurred was 1776 – the birth of this country. We are in the midst of significant change, especially how we interact with authority (Capricorn). We’re being asked to question traditional authority figures and to become our own authorities. Capricorn represents the father, and right now the “father” is being questioned.

The conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn brings the tearing down of old structures and the reordering of society. We are seeing this in spades. Personally, we are being asked to “level up” and get serious in whatever corner of our chart this point (24 Capricorn) appears in. This weekend in particular heralds our birth into a new time, one that has to build upon what we’ve been tearing down since the start of 2020.

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