Week of April 26th

Sun at 7 Taurus
Mercury at 25 Aries
Venus at 16 Gemini
Mars at 18 Aquarius
Jupiter at 26 Capricorn
Saturn at 1 Aquarius
Pluto RETROGRADE at 24 Capricorn
Neptune at 20 Pisces

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction has spawned a deep shift in our culture – the birth of a new paradigm. The spread of Covid 19 has created hardship for a lot of people, but it’s also brought some positive changes. We are spending more time with loved ones, working from home, cooking hearty meals, buying less, focusing on health, and healing the Earth. Interesting these things fall squarely under the sign of Cancer, where the North Node (the future) sits directly opposite the conjunction. What do your want your life to be like in the new world?

The North Node is at 0 degrees Cancer until May 5th! This is the point of the Summer Solstice and highest light of the year. The door is open for us to express our vulnerability, and to nurture ourselves and others.

The effects of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction on January 12th force us to face reality, but also reveal what is ultimately important. It will dominate this entire year. The virus is not going away, and it WILL come back strongly in the Fall, so be vigilant.

Pluto (catharsis, regeneration) went retrograde on Saturday, April 25, and now Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will be going retrograde in the next couple of weeks. This summer is about retreading ground we’ve already covered. It’s time to go within and retool our lives in order to fit ourselves into this new world. Pluto brings a deep purging and releasing of things that no longer suit us. It can mean taking online classes and creating a new career. You can do it. What have you always wanted to do? Now’s the time.

Sunday, April 26th – Moon in Gemini. Sun conjunct Uranus at 6 Taurus. Pay attention to signs and sudden revelations regarding your life path. Some good information from the universe is available today about who you are and the direction you need to be going.

Monday, April 27th – Moon in Cancer. Mercury into Taurus joining the Sun and Uranus. Use caution when communicating. Think things through before speaking. Expect revelations and truths revealed.

Tuesday, April 28th – Moon in Cancer. Mercury squares Saturn. Be aware of timing in your conversations, and owning your responsibility.

Wednesday, April 29th – Moon in Cancer. Good day to organize the house and be kind to yourself. Comfort food!

Thursday, April 30th – Moon in Leo. Excellent for public speaking, or watching entertainment. Launch a video or chat with friends. Connect with others.

Friday, May 1st – Moon void of course in Leo. BELTANE. Ancient festival of Spring. Celebrate the blooming of flowers and the green of the Earth. Be spontaneous and take a walk.

On a personal note – even in the midst of these turbulent times – I’m still here doing readings for you! I’m only booking phone readings at this time, but I have several different options and they are very easy to schedule here.
You can order astrological readings with this link.
Tarot readings can be booked here.

I thank you for your trust and wish you good health!

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