Week of April 13th

Sun at 25 Aries
Mercury DIRECT at 3 Aries
Venus at 9 Gemini and Mars at 11 Aquarius.
Jupiter at 26 Capricorn (in it’s fall, or weakened).
Saturn at 2 Aquarius (rulership), Pluto at 24 Capricorn.
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership)

Responsibility is the theme right now. Put all your energy into things you have control over, and ignore everything else. Control, responsibility, discipline and hard work are the qualities of Saturn, and we are heavily influenced by the planet this week. You can see it for yourself in the night sky starting Tuesday; watch for the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in a straight line through the sign of Capricorn. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction from January 12th, is a rare event that changes the world forever. We’ve seen it play out in the form of the Coronavirus. This point of the conjunction has been energized by Mars and expanded by Jupiter in the last few weeks, mirroring the escalation of cases and deaths.

With the Moon traversing the same area starting tomorrow, we could become more emotional over the shut down, financial collapse, sickness and death. Everyone has been touched by a loss on some level. We will be processing what’s happening to us, and the loss of the life we were living just three months ago. Focus on nurturing yourself and living in the present. Are your needs met? Are sleeping well? Do you have people to talk to?

This week is the dark of the Moon – it’s waning 4th quarter. Take some time for solitude and to tie up loose ends. Reflect and envision what you’d like to create in May, and begin it next Wednesday, April 23rd – the New Moon in Taurus.

Monday, April 13th – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury in Aries squares the Saturn-Pluto point. Day of hard work and applying yourself; get stuff done! Not a good day to get concessions from authority, so hold off until later this week to ask your boss for anything important.

Tuesday, April 14th – Moon in Capricorn. Sun square the Saturn-Pluto point… how do we make the personal vision for our lives fit in with this new world paradigm? You might feel the drive to charge forward, but you have to remain strategic in your actions. It’s the balance between dreams and reality.

Wednesday, April 15th – Moon in Aquarius. Focus on groups and teamwork. We are at the lowest energy of our 28-day-Moon cycle, the 4th quarter, so focus on completing projects and ending bad habits. There’s a lot of tension today, as the Sun squares the conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter and the Moon. The friction lies between our personal vision, and adapting to the new state of the World.

Thursday, April 16th – Moon in Aquarius. Think ahead to the future and your goals. Express your uniqueness and the genius within you.

Friday, April 17th – Moon in Pisces. Sweet, romantic and creative day. Nice break after all of the tension this week.

Saturday, April 18th – Moon in Pisces

Sunday, April 19th – Moon in Pisces, Sun into TAURUS at 7:45am Pacific. As the Sun enters the pleasurable, earthy sign of Taurus, it immediately makes a square to Saturn in Aquarius. This asks us to set practical goals and work hard to achieve them. Taurus enhances our need for stability, but we must continue to move forward with our plans at the same time.

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