Week of March 30th

National Museum of San Martino, Naples. Art Collection. Carved painted statue of St. Michael the Archangel.

Sun at 10 Aries
Mercury DIRECT at 13 Pisces (in it’s fall, very weak)
Venus at 25 Taurus (rulership) and Mars at 0 Aquarius.
Jupiter at 24 Capricorn (in it’s fall, or weakened).
Saturn at 0 Aquarius (rulership), Pluto at 24 Capricorn.
Neptune at 19 Pisces (rulership)

Mars (military, drive) meets Saturn (limitations, responsibility) in exactness

These are the signatures the planets are currently presenting to us. They affect each of us differently depending on where they land in our individual charts. Pluto and Saturn are effecting us on global level too, in the form of this pandemic. We have a stellium in the late degrees of Capricorn (roots of earth) … on the very edge of Aquarius (humanity). This means the “build up” of energies we’ve been experiencing over the last three months are coming to fruition – and we can see this with the pandemic in every corner of the globe.

Interestingly, an exact year ago, Mercury retrograde (weak communication) conjunct Neptune (blurred boundaries), went right over Wuhan, China. Then this December, there was a Sun/Jupiter in Capricorn square to Chiron/Black Moon Lilith in Aries over Wuhan when the outbreak first appeared. Check this out:

Sun = your Soul’s development. The “soul” of the Earth as well.
Jupiter = greatly magnifying everything it touches.
Chiron = deep deep healing of primal wound
Black Moon Lilith = the outsider or exiled. The wild, untamed feminine (nature).
Capricorn = Roots… deep Earth
Aries = the individual

Taking these placements into consideration, our planet is giving us a huge message. We are being asked to give her a rest by slowing down in our own lives, and restructuring our society so that the Earth can heal. We have to stop depleting this planet. There is NOWHERE else for us to go for chrissakes. We humans, through our greed, overpopulation and destruction of nature, have unleashed something extremely dangerous to our survival.

Last week, we had Mars conjuncting and charging up Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This is significant because this is the point in the skies where the Pluto/Saturn conjunction occurred on January 12th, 2020. I believe this is the astrological event that brought about the pandemic. Saturn brings discipline, responsibility and limitation, and gives us consequences for our actions. Pluto is the repressed, toxic energy in society coming up to be healed, and often creates generational and sweeping change. The two of them meeting together is an extremely rare event that has spawned, wars, plagues and the fall of empires throughout history.

Here is stuff to watch for in the coming week:

Tuesday, March 31st: Moon in Gemini, which makes us all very chatty on social media. Avoid online battles; especially because Mars conjunct Saturn is EXACT today. Mars (competition, war, drive) and Saturn (discipline, limitation, consequences) lined up together can bring a lot of competitiveness and stubbornness, or our energy and drives can be thwarted by issues around time or timing. This can bring an increase in virus numbers and projections, so don’t watch a lot of news.

Wednesday, April 1st: Moon in Cancer. Sensitive day, so step carefully around people’s feelings. Eat comfort food and nurture yourself.

Thursday, April 2nd: Moon in Cancer. Another quiet, homey day. Take it easy and avoid confrontation.

Friday, April 3rd: Moon void of course in Leo most of the day. Avoid important negotiations and big decisions. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces makes communications go in circles and facts slip through our fingers. Lay low and focus on your own stuff.

Saturday, April 4th: Moon void in Leo most of the day, into Virgo early afternoon. Clean house and do ART. Be creative. Venus, newly in Gemini, will trine Saturn in Aquarius bringing some beauty to our home confinement. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is exact today as well, which could increase the pandemic numbers. Unfortunately, these two planets will be in close proximity in the sky for the rest of the year, which could fuel the pandemic for much longer than predicted. Please be patient and STAY HOME!!

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