Week of March 9th: Full Moon in Virgo

Sun at 19 Pisces
Mercury STATIONING (going Direct) at 27 Aquarius
Mars at 16 Capricorn (exalted) and Venus at 5 Taurus (rulership).
Jupiter at 21 Capricorn (in it’s fall, or weakened).
Saturn at 28 Capricorn (rulership), Pluto at 24 Capricorn.
Neptune at 18 Pisces (rulership)

Image: Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. A maiden (Virgo) who has mastered the sword (the Mind). Tonight and tomorrow is a Full Moon in Virgo, which is not a comfortable placement for the Moon. The sign of Virgo is analytical, detailed and ruled by Mercury (which has been retrograde for three weeks). The Moon prefers to use intuition and feeling to navigate the world, so focusing on nurturing one’s health and mind is a good use of this Full Moon energy. The good news, is that Mercury is currently stationing above us, and is turning Direct tomorrow (Monday) at 8:49pm Pacific.

The good news, is that many of the planets are in excellent places right now, (i.e. exaltations and rulerships), which allows us to feel stable in the different areas of our lives. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Venus in her rulership in Taurus; even Mercury in Aquarius is in a good place despite stationing (standing still). These are the signs that the specific planet expresses it’s energies through in the best way. We currently have auspicious skies.

The challenges?

Mercury turning Direct on Monday, means we are still in a time of pausing and reflecting on our lives. We can work on our foundation and do background work (especially stuff we’ve been avoiding), but Real forward motion will still take a week or so. Mercury stationing means to engage in meaningful communication, but hold off on big decision-making for now.

Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn are approaching the point of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction from early January. Whatever happened in early January in your life is about to get activated in a big way.

Pluto, which rules soul searching, and the healing of toxic energy is being magnified by the approach of an unhappy (debilitated) Jupiter in it’s fall. The current Coronavirus pandemic is typical of this sort of event, and will last for many more months at least. Please take care of yourself.

Monday, March 9th – Full Moon in Virgo. Use today’s energy to get organized and cook some healthy food. Take a look at your habits and see if they need adjusting.

Tuesday, March 10th – Moon in Libra. Restore balance. Negotiations and conversations should go well. 

Wednesday, March 11th – The Moon in Libra makes a series of squares today with the stack of planets in Capricorn. We get the opportunity to emotionally processes the major changes going on in our lives, and the world around us.

Thursday, March 12th – Moon in Scorpio. Avoid social complications. Good day to get to the root of things, connect deeply with others, and heal.

Friday, March 13th – Moon in Scorpio. Excellent date night. Be respectful and courteous towards others today and avoid confrontation. Friday the 13th is VERY lucky! Don’t listen to anyone who says it isn’t!

Saturday, March 14th – Moon in Sagittarius. Lighter mood today! Good for adventures outside.

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