Week of August 13th


Mount Hood, April 2019 by Autumn Schrock

Sun at 19 Leo
Mercury at 1 Leo
Mars at 26 Leo/ Venus at 19 Leo.
Jupiter at 14 Sagittarius Direct
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto retrograding.

Really powerful, forward-moving energy this week! On Sunday, the huge, happy planet Jupiter moved Direct (forward), giving all of us new inspiration and energy. This is especially true for Sagittarians and Pisceans, as well as these areas of your chart. Mercury has also entered Leo, which is a MUCH happier and outgoing placement.

Also on Sunday, Uranus changed direction and went retrograde at 6 Taurus. Everyone, but especially Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, are feeling an urge to break free, to be liberated, to take an entirely new path, or to start a project over again.

Monday, yesterday, was a hard day with the Moon occulting (hiding) Pluto in Capricorn all day. Lots of heavy emotions leading to deep change, but we are through it now. Here’s the rest of the week:

Tuesday 8/13: Moon in Aquarius. Sun conjunct Venus occurs near 11pm Pacific, which resets the cycle of Venus. It’s a beautiful placement; a time of compromise, reaching agreements, creativity, love and friendship.

Wednesday 8/14: Full Moon in Aquarius. The brightest and most electric full moon of the year. The world is hushed as we consider the approach of Fall, and how we want to finish out the rest of this year. How do we balance our individual lives (Leo), with the needs of our friends and community (Aquarius)?

Thursday 8/15: Full Moon in Aquarius exact at 5:30am Pacific. Aquarius asks us to observe ourselves, take stock of where we are headed, and consider the future. Break out of the box and imagine a brand new life. Try something different, but most of all make time for friends. Detach and observe.

Friday 8/15: Moon in Pisces. Near 10am Pacific Mercury (in Leo) squares Uranus in Taurus) bringing unexpected twists and turns to our paths. Stop yourself from being impulsive this morning. The moon in Pisces wants you to use your intuition, and the square wants you to try new modes of action.

Saturday 8/16: Moon in Pisces, and  Mars into Virgo at 10:20pm Pacific. Great for detailed work, but watch for over analyzing things too much. The need for perfection can cause us to procrastinate, so try to plan for this so you can get SOMETHING accomplished over the next month. This energy is good for clearing clutter.

Sunday, 8/19: Moon in Aries. This is the last tropical day of Sun in Leo, so get your Sun Magick working today.


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