Week of July 9th

Africa coast

An Elephant Standing in The Ocean off The Coast of Africa. In Qabalah, elephants are a symbol of Yesod, or the Moon.

Sun at 16 Cancer
North Node at 17 Cancer
Mercury stationing at 4 Leo, now Retrograde for three weeks.
Mars at 4 Leo.
Venus at 5 Cancer.
Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius, retrograde.
Saturn at 16 Capricorn, retrograde.

Monday 7/8: Moon in Libra. It’s a day of creating balance in our lives. Mercury standing still above us, turned retrograde last night. It’s not a big deal! I don’t sign any contracts or buy important tech items during this time, and just go on with my life 🙂

Tuesday 7/9: Moon VOC in Libra. Avoid big conversations or negotiations today. Also, the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. We get a reality check on our vision. We are asked to face our life with responsibility and maturity. Set boundaries on distractions or other people that are overly demanding of our time. This is the opposition occurring from the conjunction on Jan. 2nd this year, so we looking at where we are with resolutions. If you’ve lost ground on what you want to do, this is the day to recommit. Don’t be afraid to focus and work hard.

Wednesday 7/10: Moon in Scorpio. It’s a day of intensity. Keep your cool until you can approach a dispute in a calm and neutral way. You can also bond with someone in a deep and meaningful way today. Sun trine Neptune at 9:30pm Pacific gives heightened creativity, insight and vision. Avoid escapist behavior and go with the flow of your life.

Thursday 7/11: Moon in Scorpio. Mars square Uranus at 11am is a combustible aspect. It brings an overwhelming desire for liberation and freedom. Watch out for sudden outbursts of anger. Try new and innovative ways of taking action.

Friday 7/12: Moon in Sagittarius. Today is a respite from the intensity of this week! Moon trine Mercury gives us some clarity and progress on issues arising from Mercury Retro. Moon trine Mars in the evening lets us have fun tonight.

Saturday 7/13: Moon in Sagittarius. Aspects to Neptune makes this a dreamy, visionary and creative day. Go with the flow.

Sunday 7/14: Sun opposes Pluto in the early morning. This brings up the same issues from Tuesday, but with a more transformational vibe. Good spa day, or to spend in rebirthing activities.

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