Uranus into Taurus


May 15: Uranus into Taurus at 8:16am.
Mars into Aquarius at 9:55pm.

…and then May 17th, Kilauea explodes in a violent eruption. Coincidence? Could be. But it’s kinda weird how some natural disaster occurs each time Uranus changes signs. Last time Uranus changed signs from Pisces to Aries, we had the giant 9.0 earthquake in Japan. It occurred literally as the planet was stationing and about to ingress. This time it’s an explosion of the earth. Uranus rules sudden events, explosions, change, rebellion, clearing of stale energy. And Taurus is an earth sign 🙂

From Empowering astrology:

“We are starting a new phase of our lives. Wherever Taurus sits in your chart is the area that needs fresh, revitalizing energy. New ways of doing things will show up, along with one where we’ll have to reinvent a particular area of our lives. With new beginnings come new awareness — or confusion. Nevertheless, now that Uranus is in Taurus, something has powerfully changed.
It’s hard to know for certain what will shift over the coming eight years — Uranus has a habit of surprising us — but my sign-by-sign guide to Uranus in Taurus is a good place to start, linked below. Since Uranus is a planet of consciousness and evolution, my recommendation is to meditate on what these key themes for your sign mean for you. If you are a Scorpio, for example, what is the role of relationship in your life? What needs to change in how you interact, partner, or compromise with people? How can you see this part of your life in a new way?
I also received a request to talk more about this idea of emotional and spiritual hoarding — something I mention in my main Uranus in Taurus article, linked below. What you need to know is that Taurus’s core impulse is to accumulate, an instinct that can serve it well. But when this instinct becomes imbalanced, accumulation can lead to hoarding, which is a pathological need to hold onto things whether it’s stuff, food, or garbage. While Taurus is an earth sign, meaning it works at the level of our physical reality, we may have Taurus in a part of our chart that speaks to things that are intangible — feelings, emotions, even our unconscious.
We have bodies that go beyond our physical body. We have to take awareness of what we’ve accumulated in our etheric and astral bodies as much as the physical. This is what I mean by emotional and spiritual hoarding — the things we’re holding onto in the invisible.
In order to for us to see positive growth in the area of our chart that Uranus is now traveling through, we have to become aware of what’s there already. And since Taurus is a sign that tends to get unsettled when it has to let go of something, there’s likely something you’re holding on to that needs to go for your soul’s evolution. Like I said in yesterday’s update, safe is great until it’s holding us back from growth.
Now we start the “un-Taurusing” of Taurus.

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