New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo: 10:30pm. Mercury, Mars, and now Venus in Virgo.

Today’s New Moon signals the end of the Sun’s yearly transit through Virgo. The Fall Equinox is ushered in this Friday with the Sun’s entrance into Libra.

New Moons always signal a new beginning, but in this case we undertake a new start from the wisdom we’ve gained over the past month. Hopefully we’ve all become more efficient, streamlined and healthy with Virgo’s influence.

Are you familiar with astrology and the meanings of the houses? You can read about them here. The corner of your chart where you have Virgo is the area of your life where your skills of observation and discernment are keenly precise. You are sharply perceptive and hit the bull’s eye every time.

On the other side, it’s where you can be a perfectionist and hyper critical of yourself and others. It’s good to remember you’re human 🙂 The thing I love about Virgo is the practicality. This sign excels at creating a plan to achieve one’s goals. I’ve often read that Virgo is powerful, because it can realistically look at dreams and neutrally decide if they are realistic, and what the steps are to achieve them.

Just let go of making everything so neat and tidy – writing all your lists on post it notes. The steps you take TODAY are the ones that will lead you to achieving your dreams.

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