Full Moon in Taurus

Queen of the Witches

Hecate, Queen of the Witches

Full Moon October 27th, @3°44′ Taurus @5:04am Pacific

Halloween brings Scorpio Sun season, and the full Moon is the peak experience. The Moon is exalted in Taurus (expresses itself strongly) so feelings and situations can arise regarding women, emotion, sensuality, pleasure and culmination. Taurus is very committed to it’s partner, Scorpio is too but feels it emotionally.

From Mystic Medusa: “So it’s a Full Moon in Taurus, yes. So opposite the Sun in Scorpio – that alone can dredge up some grotty gunk from the bottom of anyone’s psyche even as you deal with infinite practical, Taurus-type issues. Will you ever seriously chill again? Get sex with someone sane? Perfect your nutrition? Etc.

But it is the square made by the Sun and Moon to Witch-Queen Hecate – in Aquarius since April and until December 29 – that make this Full Moon ultra-weird. Like you’re doing the muck raking, fine, it’s a Full Moon and giving yourself a stern talking-to re the practical crap but then WHAM – an electric-feeling, wild zap of an insight.

You could even call it a connect that you wouldn’t usually make, a slightly supernatural vibe. Halloween – which has devolved from the Pagan Samhain to yet another industrialized food touting faux festival – or a Full Moon involving the Goddess of Sorcery, Crossroads, Magic and the Moon...amongst many other aspects.”

Thoughts? Sorry and also…Feelings?

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