Venus Reborn today

Today is a landmark event in the current Venus Retrograde. Venus crosses in front of the Sun – dies and is conceived in the same moment. Remember a few weeks ago when Venus was visible in the twilight with Jupiter? Since then Venus has been traveling lower and lower in the sky. The ancients view this as her “aging” or completing her cycle of the last two years. Today is the day Venus connects with the Sun at 22 degrees Leo – forming a tight conjunction. She is ‘reborn” in the Sun’s rays and begins her journey back to join Jupiter again. The Sun is the King of Summer, joining with the Venus, Queen of the Heavens. It’s a magical event – especially in the sign of Leo which is ruled by the Sun.

The Sun is our star – our source of light and warmth. Today is an opportunity for all of us to experience significant healing and growth. Our outworn ideas of love are burned away in the Sun’s rays. We have the chance to put aside old, zombie-type relationships, and create more room in our hearts for vulnerability and openness. The strongest light in our solar system penetrates every dark corner of our psyches and purifies us. We are reborn and join Venus on her travels as she moves towards becoming the Morning Star.

The planet Uranus is also involved in a trine with this event, giving us flashes of insight and shaking us loose from old patterns. A new life and mission begins. How have your values changed? Today is a reset. Reevaluate what has meaning for you – what you love and value – and let go of what you’ve outgrown.

© 2016, Elizabeth R. Sheldon. If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. Thank you.

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