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Walpurgis Night


“Tomorrow might be May Day, but the revelry begins tonight. Walpurgisnacht, aka Hexennacht – The Witches Night.

In many areas of Germany, northern and central Europe, there is a legendary night of mayhem celebrating the arrival of spring.
A tradition from the time witches were thought to gather on the Brocken, enjoying themselves. Whatever that involved for witches.
While waiting for dawn to break, bringing with it the beginning of summer, and together with their pet bats and cats, Hexen flew around the Brocken, highest of north central Germany’s Harz mountains. Partying with the ‘Devil’ and creating occult mischief.

Maps of Germany were still drawn showing “Witches Areas”, as a warning for unwary travelers, as late as the 18th century … so it seems they didn’t appear just once a year.

May 1 is St. Walburga’s Feast day, an 8th-century English missionary and Abbess who worked to convert pagans in the Frankish Empire, now Southern Germany, but the evening’s rowdy associations have little to do with the blameless Saint. It is her date of canonization, but it is because of the date that her name has become associated with witchcraft, myths, country superstitions and all things Hexerei.

And for some idea of a Harz Witches’ Dance: https://bit.ly/3OKDXLq
The music is Schüttel deinen Speck, which some don’t realize in German, is shake your lard/blubber/flab.”

from https://www.facebook.com/WitchGangApothecary

April 30th: Walpurgis Nacht


It’s a VERY witchy night tonight. April 30th is a huge traditional celebration in many cultures throughout the world. It occurs six months from Halloween, and has the same flavor – but with a view of celebrating Spring.

Halloween is when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest and it’s easy to see the returning spirits of the Mighty Dead. On Walpurgis Night the world’s are farthest apart.

Most cultures mark these ancient farming celebrations with fire, sex and odes to nature. Spring is about fertility – for ourselves, our animals and our fields. I view Walpurgis Night and Halloween as times to mark the ecstatic energy of life. That we are all here on this planet as part of it, and in tune with it. Celebrate. Face your fears and jump a fire.

The wildest, witchiest celebrations are in Germany (from what I’ve been told) and I would LOVE to see it someday. If you have any further information or images please share them in the comments below! Happy May Eve!

Here’s more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walpurgis_Night