Andie McDowell on aging

“Aging is not about losing your beauty. I really don’t feel like I’m losing my beauty. I just feel like it’s a different kind of beauty.”

At the age of 64, Andie MacDowell raised a very significant point about the perception of aging women in Hollywood. But it’s really not just about celebrities; it’s about our whole society. These questions should have been brought to light much earlier.

“What I would like for all of us to do is to stop and consider how we think about mature men and how we think about mature women and really start gauging what we say and what we project. We need to! There are changes that need to be made for my generation of women and the next. I just want people to reflect on it,” the actress shared her point of view.

MacDowell does not consider her opinion to be the only right one, but she has already made her choice, accepting her age and the changes it brings. For her, the question of aging naturally and gracefully was resolved. “I feel more honest. I feel like I’m not pretending. I feel like I’m embracing right where I am. I feel really comfortable. And in a lot of ways, I think it’s more striking on my face. I just feel like it suits me,” she explained.

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