Music from the Moon

Astronauts on the Apollo 10 mission in 1969 heard mysterious, “outer space-type” music when passing around the far side of the moon, declassified transcripts reveal.

The spooky music is the focus of an upcoming episode of the Science Channel series “NASA’s Unexplained Files.”

The mission — which included Thomas P. Stafford, John W. Young and Eugene A. Cernan — was carried out two months ahead of Apollo 11, in which man landed on the moon for the first time.

While the astronauts were out of radio contact, they began hearing cryptic sounds through the module’s radio.

“The music even sounds outer-spacey, doesn’t it?” one of the astronauts said. “You hear that? That whistling sound? Wooooo?”

“Sounds like … you know, outer-space type music,” another of the men said.

The sounds continued for about an hour, and then they stopped.

Science & Society Picture Library - 020 7942 4400SCIENCE & SOCIETY PICTURE LIBRAR/SSPL VIA GETTY IMAGES

Eugene Cernan, Thomas Stafford and John Young were crew members on the Apollo 10 mission.

The crew members considered whether to report the matter to mission control.

Recordings and transcripts featured the men discussing the music — but after the mission ended, and the craft landed safely in the Pacific Ocean, the evidence was deemed “classified,” and remained hidden in NASA archives for decades.

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