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Elizabeth Rose is a highly regarded American occultist, psychic and healer residing in Sacramento. She began formal study of the occult in her twenties as a regular visitor to a local curiosity shop. She befriended a local Wiccan priestess who taught her astrology, magic and tarot. This led to her formal initiation into the Craft in 1988. She continued her studies by joining the Clairvoyant training program at Psychic Horizons, graduating as a reverend in 1993. With a hunger for art and history she enrolled at SFSU in the theater program where her training exposed her to the ancient connections between shamanism and theater. Majoring in Drama with an emphasis in World Religions, she studied the history of Greek and European theater as well as Women's Studies. She graduated with a BA in Drama & Performance in 1997. Since then she has expanded her occult knowledge through studies of Irish folklore, Chinese astrology, herbal healing and Feng Shui. She is an adept healer and psychic, and continues her practice of tarot readings, psychic healings and marriage ceremonies while studying Ceremonial Magick and Qabalah with the Temple of the Silver Star.


When a man chooses a woman who follows her calling, his only chance to maintain the connection is in following her… and above all in creating space for her to follow her own path.

It may happen that he needs to abandon his own neediness, or that he finds a means of healing through their common path – but not in the gentlest manner.

When a man chooses a woman who heals the collective wounds of the women by following her calling, his Yes for her equals a Yes to a bigger purpose far beyond building a house or raising children. Their connection goes beyond fulfilling the classical gender role models.

For this man accepts the job of having the back of this woman, of catching her when she cannot transform the pain of the world anymore. It means for him to welcome a different form of sexuality, since healing on the level of sexuality is one of the most profound issues of the woman who needs to become a healer.
For him this, again, is about welcoming slowness, softness and healing – about holding back or redirecting his own drive… about being present for the whole.

Because when a man chooses a woman who aims for freedom, they can only achieve this together… and by him leaving his narcissistic aspects behind and recognizing the path of the woman as his own path towards freedom.

When a man chooses a woman who is bigger, he cannot dwell in the places of energies of oppression or of playing small. He – if he chooses to take on this mission with her – accepts a task serving the well-being of all men, even though it happens in the background. Within this background he creates space of security, of keeping her safe from an ambush bred by his own old wounds, driving her into submission.

When a man chooses a woman out of his fascination with her radiance and wisdom, it must be obvious to him that he cannot be stuck within his own deficits in a way that makes him want to diminish her radiance… purely out of fear of having to share her with others.

When a man chooses a woman who follows her calling, he cannot fear these words: respect, humility and surrender. He will rather walk the path of divinity – alongside his woman, the healer – with gratitude and an overflowing heart.

For such a woman will choose – if she ever needs to choose – in favour of the well-being of all women …and she will choose walking her path alone instead of leaving it for him. Nevertheless, she is aware of the power that lies in the presence of a man who is beating the drums… for her.”

~ Moksha Devi Sunshine

Week of December 1st

Sun at 8 Sagittarius
Mercury at 1 Sagittarius
Venus at 10 Scorpio (debilitated)
Mars at 17 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter at 26 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn at 28 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune DIRECT at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 23 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Gemini

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The Sun continues it’s travels through the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. We are renovating our beliefs, and aligning ourselves with new meaning and purpose. Monday night, we had a Full Moon Eclipse at 8 Gemini at 1:30am Pacific. This week is an opportunity for a breakthrough – for something to be released that no longer fits our forward path. If you have any planets near 8 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo, you might experience some major changes in the next couple of months.

Neptune stationed Direct (forward) last Saturday, but is standing still – and is strong – until mid December. During the retrograde of the last few months, we have confronted an old, karmic delusion that’s been holding us back from being present with ourselves. Now we’re letting it go. We are turning forward to a new way of being in the world.

There’s two directions in a Neptune transit: you can reconnect with your soul through inspiration, spirituality, music or creativity, or you can escape through alcohol, drugs and fantasy. Either way will lead you further down the road to self knowledge. Neptune heals us, and takes us to the heights of imagination. We are highly sensitive and attuned to invisible currents right now, so being an open, receptive vehicle for revelations is a good use of this time. If you are on a spiritual path, new worlds could appear; if you’re an artist, tarot reader, or psychic, this is a powerful divinatory time. Neptune also rules martyrdom, service, charity, healing, and spiritual insight.

Monday, November 30th: Full Moon Eclipse at 8 Gemini. Something from June comes to fruition, and either overcomes a hurdle, or ends. With an eclipse, we can see things within ourselves that have been a blind spot, so it’s an illuminating Moon for purging and healing our shadow sides. Gemini is VERY chatty and social, but using remote communications might be the safest platform. With Neptune standing still, pursue and embrace facts. We are facing the shadow and the unknown.

Tuesday, December 1st: Moon void-of-course in Gemini all day! Mercury enters Sagittarius (it’s detriment) at 11:51am Pacific. Mercury is weakened and overwhelmed in it’s detriment for the next several weeks. Clarity and decisiveness become lost in Sagittarian philosophy and “big picture” mind frames. Getting outside and going on solitary adventures will clear your head.

Wednesday, December 2nd: Moon VOC in Gemini until 1:45pm Pacific. The Cancer Moon in the evening will bring emotions, sensitivity and dreaminess to the rest of the week. Not a good night for serious discussions, avoid social complications.

Thursday, December 3rd: Moon in Cancer is part of a big Water trine today. Moon in Cancer trines Venus at 14 Scorpio, then Neptune at 18 Pisces. It’s a deliciously creative day, so let poetic, artistic inspirations flow. Psychic intuitiveness runs high, and romance is in the air. People will be sensitive today, so allow for people’s feelings.

Friday, December 4th: Moon in Leo. Restlessness today and possible questioning of the future. Try and stay in the present and deal with things as they arise. Information about your future comes up in the evening. It’s a great day to find authenticity with people. Organize your time and practice those internal boundaries.

Saturday, December 5th: Moon in Leo, and goes void at 2:28pm. Get creative! Venus trines Neptune at 18 degrees Scorpio and Pisces respectively. This brings beauty and true inspiration to art and romance. Beautiful aspect that highlights romantic passion, inspiration, and harmonizing within groups. If you are creative, psychic, inclined to the mystical, spiritual religious and metaphysical this week and next, and especially next weekend could be a wonderful time. Be kind to the feminine in your life. Enjoy some beautiful art and appreciate the wonders of nature going on all around us. Fall in love again with the mystery of life.

Sunday, December 6th: Moon in Virgo. We’ve turned a spiritual corner over the last week. We end this week with Mars moving faster, and everything in our lives moving forward in a positive way.

Eclipses by Rudolf Steiner

Below is a little quote from Rudolf Steiner with regard to lunar eclipses. I’ve replaced his words with “subconscious” below, because it’s a more grounded and current interpretation in my view.

“When there is an eclipse of the moon, the man of today merely says: ‘Now the earth comes between the sun and the moon; hence we see the shadow cast upon the moon by the earth.’ That is the physical explanation. But in this case also the old initiate knew that a spiritual reality was behind the physical fact.

He knew that when there is an eclipse of the moon, thoughts stream through darkness down upon the earth; and that such thoughts have a closer relationship with the subconscious life than with the conscious life of the human being. The old initiates often made use of a certain simile when speaking to their pupils.

It is, of course, necessary to translate their words into modern language, but this is the gist of what they said: ‘Visionaries and dreamers love to go for rambles by moonlight, when the moon is full. There are, however, certain people who have no wish to receive the good thoughts coming to them from the cosmos, but who, on the contrary, are desirous of getting hold of ‘the subconscious’ (my current interpretation). Such people will choose the moment of a lunar eclipse for their nocturnal wanderings…

Eclipses of the sun and the moon, recurring as they do in the course of every year, may really be looked upon as “safety-valves.”… The lunar eclipse exists for the purpose of allowing the ‘subconscious’ thoughts, which are present in the cosmos, to approach those human beings who are desirous of ‘being aware’ of them. People do not, as a rule, act in full consciousness.’”

Happy Birthday William Blake

Jacob’s Dream by William Blake in 1805

Happy Birthday to the amazing William Blake, born this day in 1757.

“William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827) was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. Largely unrecognised during his lifetime, Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. What he called his prophetic works were said by 20th-century critic Northrop Frye to form “what is in proportion to its merits the least read body of poetry in the English language”. His visual artistry led 21st-century critic Jonathan Jones to proclaim him “far and away the greatest artist Britain has ever produced”. In 2002, Blake was placed at number 38 in the BBC‘s poll of the 100 Greatest Britons. While he lived in London his entire life, except for three years spent in Felpham, he produced a diverse and symbolically rich œuvre, which embraced the imagination as “the body of God” or “human existence itself”.”

Wikipedia · Text under CC-BY-SA license

Revisiting William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience – Times of India (


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re having a great day. In light of so many folks spending Thanksgiving alone this year, I thought I’d repost this lovely blurb on boundaries from the book “The Language of Letting Go”. Boundary-setting with our families is particularly hard, so here’s a pep talk. Remember, your home is your castle, and so is your emotional health. You can decide who you let in and who you keep outside in the surrounding forest:

“Having boundaries doesn’t complicate life; boundaries simplify life.

There is a positive aspect to boundary setting. We learn to listen to ourselves and identify what hurt us and what we don’t like. But we also learn to identify what feels good.

When we are willing to take some risks and begin actively doing so, we will enhance the quality of our life.

What do we like? What feels good? What brings us pleasure? Whose company do we enjoy? What helps us to feel good in the morning? What’s a real treat in our life? What are the small, daily activities that make us feel nurtured and cared for?

What appeals to our emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical self? What actually feels good to us?

We have deprived ourselves too long. There is no need to do that anymore, no need. If it feels good, and the consequences are self-loving and not self-defeating, do it!

Today, I will do for myself those little things that make life more pleasurable. I will not deny myself healthy treats.”

Week of November 23rd

Sword and Rose by Raoul Vitale

Sun at 3 Sagittarius
Mercury at 17 Scorpio (telling secrets)
Venus at 2 Scorpio (debilitated)
Mars at 15 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter at 24 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn at 27 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 23 Capricorn
North Node at 20 Gemini

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The Sun has finished it’s travels through Scorpio, and we’ve officially entered the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. For the next month, we will be reassessing our Truth, and aligning ourselves with new meaning and purpose. The Archer chooses a goal, and focuses her energy there before releasing her arrow. Now is the time to examine our goals, and prioritize what is most important to us.

We’ve been through SO much transformation this year, and most of us are feeling exhausted… but we aren’t out of the woods yet. Jupiter and Pluto joined together a couple of weeks ago, and now Jupiter is on it’s way to catch up with Saturn at the end of December. Once that last conjunction happens, and these planets begin to move into Aquarius, things will start to turn a corner.

This week is manageable, but also a gradual build up to our fifth eclipse of the year, a lunar eclipse next Monday, November 30th in Gemini. During an eclipse, hidden issues arise and come to light to be handled – and since it’s a Full Moon – the issues are emotional in nature.

Also, the planet Neptune is at a stop all week, about to turn Direct this Saturday in Pisces. This will heighten our intuition, but also contribute to brain fog, fatigue, and feelings of being lost. If you feel these things just relax into it and stay in the present moment. Neptune is great for creativity and spiritual pursuits, so put your energy there.

Monday, November 23rd: Moon in Pisces. Moon in a water sign makes this an emotional and spiritual start to the week. Pisces makes things fuzzy and undefined… not the best day for negotiation. Mercury trine Neptune at 8:40pm Pacific encourages healing through inspiration, imagination and spiritual strength.

Tuesday, November 24th: Moon in Aries chases Mars, and also trines the Sun newly in Sagittarius. It’s a wonderful, fiery day, so be careful about emotional outbursts or headstrong behavior. It’s a creative day full of ideas!

Wednesday, November 25th: Moon in Aries, and conjuncts Mars and Black Moon Lilith. Tests might come up around your identity. The best use of this energy is setting boundaries where needed.

Thursday, November 26th: THANKSGIVING! Moon void-of-course in Aries at 3:45pm Pacific, then slows waaaay down as it enters Taurus at 7:43pm. Even though many of us will be away from our families this year, it will still be a day of feasting, overindulgence and sensory delights. Live it up!

Friday, November 27th: Moon in Taurus. We are in the realm of the Full Moon eclipse on Monday, November 30th, so things could be getting intense. Any activity that awakens the five senses is highlighted. Get outside today and appreciate nature. Very passionate date night.

Saturday, November 28th: Moon at the end of Taurus and Neptune stationing Direct. Love, beauty, passion, commitment, nature, animals, and the Divine Feminine are the energies to focus on this weekend. Look back to June 23rd, when Neptune went retrograde, to see what themes have arisen for you from this transit. When Neptune is stationary there’s two paths we can take: the first is inspiration, clear dreams, heightened intuition, and mystical revelations. The other path is escapism, leading to illusions, hyper-sensitivity, drama, and over indulgence in substances. Try not to overindulge in alcohol, drugs, sugar, shopping, etc.

Sunday, November 29th: Moon in Gemini. Very chatty day full of socializing and online purchases. The Full Moon Eclipse is tomorrow, so no big decisions today.

Soft animal

“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.”

M. Oliver

All things change

“Once upon a time there was a Chinese farmer whose horse ran away. That evening, all of his neighbors came around to commiserate. They said, “We are so sorry to hear your horse has run away. This is most unfortunate.” The farmer said, “Maybe.” The next day the horse came back bringing seven wild horses with it, and in the evening everybody came back and said, “Oh, isn’t that lucky. What a great turn of events. You now have eight horses!” The farmer again said, “Maybe.”

The following day his son tried to break one of the horses, and while riding it, he was thrown and broke his leg. The neighbors then said, “Oh dear, that’s too bad,” and the farmer responded, “Maybe.” The next day the conscription officers came around to conscript people into the army, and they rejected his son because he had a broken leg. Again all the neighbors came around and said, “Isn’t that great!” Again, he said, “Maybe.”

Week of November 16th

Antique sardonyx cameo featuring Shakespeare’s Ariel riding a bat. ca. 1830’s Italy.

Sun at 25 Scorpio
Mercury DIRECT at 6 Scorpio
Venus at 21 Libra (Rulership)
Mars DIRECT at 15 Aries (Rulership)
Jupiter at 23 Capricorn (fall, very weak)
Saturn at 27 Capricorn (rulership)
Neptune RETROGRADE at 18 Pisces (rulership, strong)
Pluto at 22 Capricorn
North Node at 21 Gemini

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We saw some huge shifts last week, mostly around our inner boundaries, energy levels, and the over-arching 2020 transformations. Mars went Direct last Friday, but is very slow-moving, so it will remain at 15 Aries for the rest of November. If you have any planets near 15 Aries, 15, Cancer, 15 Libra or 15 Capricorn, they are getting super heated and charged up with Mars energy this month. Mars activates our drives, passions, lust and ambition, so look at how and where these aspects are cropping up in your life. Use November to plan which way you want to go, but wait until December to take decisive action.

We also experienced the momentous conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto at 22 Capricorn last Thursday – the same degree as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction last January that heralded the pandemic. It’s terrible to see the cases spiking again. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in this case it’s spreading the virus to epic proportions. Please take care of yourselves. On a personal level, this conjunction brings new ways to manage and grow with the massive transformations in your life this year.

Last Saturday night we reset our emotions with the New Moon at 22 degrees Scorpio. Did you have any visions or clear dreams this weekend? Messages came to each of us about the future through revelations, experiences, dreams, or even the words of friends. We take our first steps on this new path this week. Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, and is symbolized in the tarot by the Death card, which means one door closes and another one opens. Look to where you want to rebirth yourself, and put all of your focus there.

And there’s more! Sunday, today, we had Venus (Love) in a square with Pluto (Reformation), which sets the tone for the week. Venus is in Libra, where her energies are expressed in a delectable way. Libra demands equality, justice and fairness, and these issues could come up in our relationships this week. Pluto makes it imperative that our relationships evolve to match our New Moon path. This is the first of three squares Venus will make this week! We wrap up with a big reality check when Venus squares Saturn on Thursday.

Monday, November 16th: Moon in Sagittarius. Venus square Jupiter. The essence of the New Moon and Venus/Pluto square is still strong. The mood will be lighter today, just ride the waves. Spend some time outside to clear your mind. Excellent day to read philosophy, or spend your energy on being wildly romantic or creative 🙂

Tuesday, November 17th: Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury opposes Uranus. Lots of electricity and wild ideas in the air. Ground yourself through working hard, especially on things you’ve been avoiding. Issues could arise around understanding, truth, and honesty, as well as challenges with business. Focus on the goal.

Wednesday, November 18th: Moon in Capricorn. Moon approaches the “Big three” in Capricorn i.e. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Heaviness can result and you may not feel like doing a lot, which is fine. Do not demand anything from authority figures today because they will be resistant. Capricorn also brings certainty.

Thursday, November 19th: Moon in Aquarius and Venus squares Saturn. Reality check with relationships today. If you can, focus on what your mind tells you rather than your heart. Embrace reality. Also, let your creative genius out to play today. Good for connecting with friends and groups of folks.

Friday, November 20th: Moon in Aquarius, but void-of-course at 4:49pm Pacific for the rest of the day. Plans could change, best to go with the flow. If you need to have meetings or work through agreements, do it in the morning. Remember to focus on balance and win-win resolutions. No risk-taking.

Saturday, November 21st: Moon void ALL DAY in Aquarius until entering Pisces at 8:06pm Pacific!! Venus enters Scorpio and Sun into Sagittarius. No risk-taking or negotiation during a void-of-course Moon. Don’t buy anything either, if you can help it. Best to be creative and work on things already started.

Sunday, November 22nd: Moon in Pisces. Swim around your intuitions, ideas and creativity.