You’ll Never Be This Cool: Women of a Certain Age Edition

This is Vali Myers. If you’ve done your life homework and read Just Kids, you’ll know that Vali was the woman who tattooed a lightening bolt on Patti Smith at the Chelsea Hotel, where they both lived. Vali was an artist, and Patti had a big collection of her drawings.  Vali split her time between the Chelsea (where one of her paintings still hangs in the stairwell) and a 14th century cottage in Italy. She had that hair and those tattoos on her face and hands in like the 70s, when it was a wonder she wasn’t stoned in the street for being such a flamboyant witch about it. Luckily she hung out with similarly fabulous and artful misfits, like Tennesse Williams and Jean Genet. Needless to say, you will never bro down with Genet.  I love this woman. Let’s look at her for longer.

Vali died when she…

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